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The story of Visage Beauty Store...

My journey began 20 years ago when I discovered all I wanted to do was Make up, nothing else would do, I loved the creativity, the colour and of course the glamour that came along with it. I'd worked with some fantastic products and brands, and owned my own Salon in Kinnegad, Westmeath (another casualty of the 2008 recession). I'd always found i was using the most advertised products, NOT necessarily the best products. I figured there had to be more and possibly better products out there, that I've never even heard of...and there was...and more than one! I tried and tested many of these and found some amazing products, and i couldn't believe i'd never come across them in all my time in the industry!

But then again, how could I? The global high street brands clog my Facebook adverts, beauty magazines and exhibitions. I've come to the conclusion, that there are much better products being manufactured but these manufacturers don't have a marketing or advertising budget the size of a Titanic full of Louis Vuitton handbags! 

In my determination to bring these amazing products to everyone, I've teamed up and been supported by the Ventures Group, a distribution company, who can do all the things I can't! Import, pick it, wrap it and ship it, so I can get on with telling everyone about these here I am, Angela Greene, letting you know, there's better out there, you just need to discover it!




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