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Cruelty free

Here at Visage Beauty Store, we have always believed in being a company with a conscious that does not sacrifice the quality and selection of products we bring to you. A huge part of our ethos from day one is that we provide beauty products that are all cruelty free. We’re all animal mad and talk about our dogs like they are our children (which they are obviously).


Originally when we started looking at brands to bring to Ireland, quality was not the only thing we were looking for. Cruelty free was also a major factor in deciding what brands would be stocked under the Visage Beauty Store house.

Joko was our first brand we introduced to Ireland and we pride ourselves on the fact that no animals are hurt in the making of the products. We knew that Joko suited Visage Beauty Store perfectly as it is cruelty free but also high quality and mineral based. Hean and Bulgarian Rose Berry also emphasised cruelty free which along with the quality they offer make them fit under our conditions of the products that we provide to our customers.

It is our belief that a company does have the chance to take a stance and we choose very early on that we choose cruelty free every time. This belief has led us to a full beauty store that is completely cruelty free and we could not be more proud of this.

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